Adobe Photoshop

Welcome to the Adobe Photoshop Page! I will be showing all the different things I have done in photoshop. This was probably my favourite unit since I find it really fun.

We learned how to cut people out with one of the lasso tools and put them on a background. I took a few different celebrities and cut them out and place them on a water type background. It wasn't very hard to learn how to do it but it got a little bit difficult when tracing around the hair.

We had to find a face of a person and find a animal face. I took this girls face, a cats face and combined them together. I had to erase the cats face to be able to get the nose and a little bit of the skin. I feel like I could of done better but it was kind of hard for me to do this.

I took a picture of Brie Larson from online and made it into a reflection like in a mirror. We had to make another copy of the picture and angle it so it could look like a normal reflection in the mirror.

I created a magazine cover on photoshop, and I put Zendaya on the front of it. This was probably one of my favourite projects on photoshop. It was really fun to make this and put all the different headliners on there to make it look like a real magazine that you would see in a store.

This one was harder for me to do. We had to put a persons face onto something else, so I decided to put Elizabeth Olsens face and put it over Mona Lisas. It was hard to try and align the faces. Its not the best but I could have tried a little bit harder.

We had to create a movie poster and it was really fun. I cut out a picture of my friend Meagan and I as the cover and put some headliners. It was fun to come up with the idea for the poster.

I did a type of parrel with Natasha Romanoff from Marvel. I took two of her pictures from Avengers:Endgame, lined them up and divided them in the middle. It was fun to do making a picture like this.

For this project we had to find a picture of a person, animal or something else. I chose Elizabeth Olsen, I had to paint over the picture and make it look like a painting. I found it pretty hard to make it look like an actual painting, espcially when I had to try and blend the colours together.